Team up with RFEN & DECATHLON to improve Water Sports!

The Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (Spanish: Real Federación Española de Natación – RFEN) founded in 1920, is the aquatics national federation for Spain. It oversees competition in the 5 aquatics disciplines (swimming, diving, open water swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo) and masters competition in these. The federation has over 860 registered clubs and 67000 federated swimmers. The federation as a spearhead of water sports in general, besides improving sports performance and professional sports competition, wants to deepen the connection with the sports community and help to improve the overall water sports ecosystem. In order to achieve these objectives we now have launched this Start up collaboration program together with some leading brands from the water sports industry.

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At Decathlon we want to make sport and its benefits accessible for the many. In this context, athletes have needs that require technological and digital solutions. To respond to those needs, at Decathlon we will join forces with startups to go further and faster in these digital solutions. That is why we now also have created this initiative in collaboration with The Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN) targeting the water sports ecosystem and focussed on startups that offer digital solutions in a early growth stage that aim at the water sports tech sector.

We are looking for solutions that will help us:

Swimming ecosystem

Help increase the community, make it more inclusive, accessible, facilitating the practice of sport and its interconnection between all its components.

Connected swimming

Connect swimmers, improve their performance, safety and connection to the ecosystem.

Swimmer experience

Improve the «Consumer Journey» both in related shopping and in the swimmer’s overall experience in practicing their sport.

Swimmer motivation

Increase the motivation of swimmers and help them maintain their routine and performance and find new challenges in their practice.

The Program includes:



Call for applications

10th September


Selection Day

20th September



September 2022– January 2023

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