Global provider of high value-added solutions for home care and health categories.

ZOBELE is a global provider of high value-added solutions for leading brands in the home care and health categories. We work closely with our customers as a key facilitator of their success through the ideation, formulation, design, packaging and manufacture of new products.

ZOBELE was acquired in 2020 by the multinational group KDC / One expanding our capabilities, especially in the areas of beauty and personal health. ​

Part of our added value lies in the ability to continually innovate through new technologies, new materials and the ideation of new products within existing markets or within new markets. ​

We now would like to enhance ZOBELE’s open innovation efforts through the participation in The MotherTrees in order to increase the ability to generate new collaboration opportunities with startups.

The project aims to:

1) Improve efficiency in generating start-up opportunities in a new market in a disruptive way​

2) Achieve collaborative projects that help us get more involved in the circular economy and accelerate our environmental sustainability program.

ZOBELE innovates via the ideation of new disruptive products that are finally launched on the market thanks to the group’s global development and manufacturing capabilities. As part of the KDC / One group, ZOBELE works closely with 25 manufacturing plants and 22 development centers located on 3 different continents. In addition, ZOBELE enjoys an intense and consolidated collaboration with the main global retail companies in the segments of home care, beauty and personal care and health. ​

What are we looking for?​

Unique products and services

for the beauty and personal care mass market. (including personalization and skin & hair monitoring solutions) that offer a clear benefit to the consumer (no medical prescription, ideally patent protected & with refillable system)​

Air care & fragrances products

unique new formats and solutions that have the potential to disrupt the air care/freshener & fragrances market. (including non-pressurized aerosol technologies, devices, carriers; filter free; ideally patent protected & with refillable system)​

Innovative solutions to improve

the product experience of our beauty, personal care and air care solutions at point of sale and along the whole product lifecycle.​

Innovative solutions in sustainable

packaging and product and material end-of-life management. (recovery of the product for re-use, recycling, and sustainable disposal)​



Call for applications

31th March


Selection Day

8th April


Collaboration Kick off

19th April


POC development
and implementation

25th April – 14th July

Kick off Acceleration phase ​


Presentation of results

10th – 14th July


Presentation of results

14th July

The Program includes:

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