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Our Process

Connecting multiple solutions and technologies from different companies and startups.

1. Definition & Calibration

Via our «Uncommown» Methodology we unbox the initiative with all stakeholders.
Together we achieve an understanding of the project, its purpose & objectives, challenges and opportunities.

The exploration process will open new ways, interpretations and opportunities, also via adjacent markets – here we might gain a new understanding of the project, with new limits and opportunities.

Through our connections with innovation hubs, incubators, accelerators, investors and venture capital funds we apply our own method of «Uncommown Scouting”. Allowing us to propose a variety of solutions to the given challenges.

Together we explore the boundaries of the challenge and open the mind of the participants for the creation of a customized «Solution Puzzle»

2. The Puzzle Solution

We explore the potential solution from all angles, combining company own assets with external solutions from startups, SMEs or other corporates.

Together we co-create a puzzle that will represent the ideal final picture with all its valuable pieces.

3. The Pilot /Proof of Concept (PoC)

We constantly evaluate the feasibility of the individual objectives and the implementation plan and ensure effective communication between all parties (we are the «Google Translator»)

Following our «Uncommown» methodology for effective collaborations, we coordinate the creation process of the solution aligning all stakeholders.

4. The IT Sandbox for the Puzzle Solution

Connecting multiple solutions and technologies from different companies and startups can be cost and resource intensive for the IT & Innovation department

We offer a Sandbox (with or without a connection to the general system), that includes corporate rules and governance, speeds up the development and implementation and reduces the risk and costs of the Pilots or POCs. 

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